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January 19, 2012 issue

January 19, 2012, "Explore campus with new Google maps feature"

TuckMallNew technology provides eye-level, 360-degree views of Dartmouth campus
Have you ever wanted to point out a campus view or landmark to a friend or prospective student? Now you can—no travel required—thanks to Google's "Street View" feature launched in January.

To explore, visit this link and then click on the arrows or circles to navigate. You can also drag the photo to change the view. Or, visit these links to bring you to the following sites: Kemeny Hall, Memorial Field, or Tuck Mall (pictured).

The photos were taken via Google's "Trike" in October 2010.


Staiger Professor of economics: Improve observation of K-12 teachers
In a report released by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dartmouth's Douglas Staiger and his co-author recommend ways to improve teacher evaluations to help teachers learn how they are most effective.

Learn more about Staiger's research, which is part of the Measures of Effective Teaching Project.


WCGuess the snow sculpture for Carnival in Candyland: The Sweetest Carnival Ever
Preparations for the 2012 Carnival, to be held February 9 through 12, are underway. What do you think this year's sculpture will be? Submit your guess at Dartmouth's Facebook page. You could win an exclusive prize—a 2012 Winter Carnival poster.

Dartmouth's Winter Carnival was recently included on a list of favorites by National Geographic Traveler.


Quick links:

Foreign PolicyDartmouth is eighth on Foreign Policy list of top international relations undergraduate programs

Shanee BrownEnglish major Shanée Brown '12 of Bridgeport, Conn., receives a 2012 Aspiring Teacher of Color fellowship

BrainProfessor Ming Meng offers new insights on left brain/right brain paradigm

RichieA conversation with WNBA President Laurel Richie '81

ReindeerMidwives, reindeer, and graffiti: Student photos of internships and research abroad

SoccerWomen's hockey team, unbeaten in its last seven games, is ranked #10 nationwide

GebeckVideo: Kayla Gebeck '12, a Red Lake Ojibwe from Red Lake, Minn., talks about dancing, art, and her heritage

MLKPhotos of Dartmouth's ongoing 2012 Martin Luther King Jr. celebration

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KimJoin President Jim Yong Kim during alumni club visits in Atlanta (March 8) and San Francisco (March 16)
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