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September 25, 2009 issue

"Learning with action, passion with practicality"kim

Dartmouth inaugurated Jim Yong Kim as its 17th president in front of over 5,000 people on the Green on September 22. Kim asked students to do four specific things, what he later called the four "P's": "to work hard at finding something you can tackle with passion," to "be persistent" because "all things excellent are difficult and rare," "to pursue knowledge seriously," and to "think big, in fact think about the whole planet." He said, "The historical moment in which we live demands that your generation unite, as never before, learning with action, passion with practicality."

See the video of the speech, "Passion and Practicality—Dartmouth and the Liberating Arts," or read it online. Photo: Kim with the Wentworth Bowl.

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panelStudent body President Frances Vernon '10 addresses Class of 2013

Inauguration served as Convocation for the incoming class, the most selective and diverse class in the College's history. Vernon said to the 13s: "Welcome to the finest college in the world! We must expect it of ourselves to be solution seekers. We must never give up in our quest for new and better ways to build, to engineer, to cure, and to perform." See video and text of Vernon's greeting.

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panelCelebration on the Green

Following the ceremony, 11 different student groups, including the Dartmouth Gospel Choir (pictured), performed in a Community Celebration on the Green. Over 140 students participated. See a slideshow of the celebration.

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Speeches: "Dartmouth's gain"

See video and transcripts of the speeches by clicking on the names below. View a video of speech highlights. Read the remarks sent by the President of the Republic of Korea, Lee Myung-Bak.
"Just as we are fortunate to have Dartmouth College reside within our state, we are very lucky to have a person in Dr. Kim whose intellect is matched only by his caring for people to lead Dartmouth as its next president."
John Lynch, governor of New Hampshire
simmons "You are prepared to speak to the world, and have the world speak back to Dartmouth."
Ruth Simmons, president of Brown University

brandt "Certainly, Dartmouth's gain is Harvard's loss," but "even sibling rivals are above all, siblings, deeply linked by our shared commitments to knowledge and social change."
Allan Brandt, dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University

farmer "If Jim can bring together three generations of teachers and students, not only from Harvard and Brown but from all of the countries I've just mentioned and more, imagine what he can do here, at the helm of a great institution not only of higher learning, but of higher teaching."
Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners in Health
porter "In Dr. Kim I met a person who has incredible energy, driven not by the need for recognition, but by a deep-seated set of values around the communities he was trying to serve."
Michael Porter, professor at Harvard Business School
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panelVideo of Inauguration

View the full video of Inauguration, starting with a Farmers' Dance by the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Association (pictured). Visit the clips below to jump to specific moments.

In presenting President Kim with the Wentworth Bowl, President Emeritus James Wright said, "the bond of the Wheelock succession will support you." (1:30)

Heidi Kim, President Kim's sister, sang "Take Care of this House." (1:24) from the musical "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

With members of the audience swaying in locked arms, the Dartmouth Glee Club sang the alma mater, while a video produced by Dartmouth's R. Michael Murray played on the screen. (1:58)

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Alumni artists show off talent in a pre-Inauguration performancepilobolus

Paul Lazarus '76 gave a gift to Dartmouth by producing a "Dartmouth and the Performing Arts" show with the Hopkins Center for the Arts. Shown in Moore Theater the night before Inauguration, the performance was emceed by Rachel Dratch '88, formerly of Saturday Night Live. It featured dance company Pilobolus (pictured), which was founded at Dartmouth in 1971.

Watch the full performance on video, or visit the clips below.

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Broadway star Jennifer Leigh Warren '77 sings a spell-binding rendition of "Dartmouth Undying."

Pilobolus performs "Gnomen."

Buck Henry '52 reads from the Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel '25) classic, The Lorax.

President Kim took the stage and said: "The arts are important simply because it's what the soul needs."

Photo: (l to r) Jennifer Leigh Warren '77, Buck Henry '52, President Kim, Rachel Dratch '88, and David Beach '86 participate in an impromptu kickline. View more photos from the event. Bookmark and ShareShare this

Jeffrey Immelt '78, CEO of GE, and Ed Haldeman '70, CEO of Freddie Mac, participate in panel on leadership for social changechorus

The two Dartmouth trustees joined other leaders including Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners in Health, Michael Porter, a professor at Harvard Business School, and Ruth Simmons, president of Brown University in a pre-Inauguration panel, which was moderated by Sydney Finkelstein, professor at the Tuck School of Business. "Designating change and social change as two different buckets is a losing proposition," said Immelt. Listen to the clip at 49:00 in the video.

View the panel on YouTube. Read more. Photo: (l to r) Farmer, Porter, Simmons, Kim, Immelt, Haldeman, and Finkelstein.

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Media coverage of Inaugurationchorus

"The crowd around Kim swelled to hear how he would respond to an idealistic young man asking for advice on whether he, too, should volunteer in Haiti," writes Tracy Jan in this September 21 Boston Globe article, "New president has Dartmouth eager for change"

Other stories:
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An Associated Press article ran in many news outlets, including in The Chicago Tribune: "New Dartmouth president inaugurated"
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View an Inauguration slideshowchorus

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Visit the Inauguration website for more coveragecon web

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